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Fear not! We got the answers

We believe in transparency, so any questions you have we are happy to answer; no gatekeeping.

Videography is a multifaceted endeavor. Between the filming, the editing, the storytelling and the sound engineering, there's a lot that goes into making a truly special, unique and touching film.
You must have questions about a few of those steps! Fear not, we got the answers right here!

After all, we want you to be familiar with the process and involved in YOUR film.


  • Can you work alongside our photographer?
    Yes, of course! My team and I work really well with photographers and we aim to have an amicable and professional relationship as we both do our very best to capture your wedding day. We'll keep communication with your team before and during the wedding to ensure we aren't in each other's way and we both get what we need.
  • What sets your style of videography apart from others?
    More than our style, we set ourselves apart by our values, our professionalism and attention to detail. We value your memories more than anyone and we know how important they are and will be for you in the future. To that effect we perform at over 9000% (bonus points if you get the reference) to make sure every moment is captured, all the audio is captured and your experience with us is seamless and relaxing. We'll be with you, helping you along the way and making sure you know things are taken care of. Our style is very romantic, unobtrusive and elegant. We want your video to be timeless, beautiful and emotional now and 50 years from now.
  • What's the difference between a Short Film, a Full Wedding Film and a Social Media Highlight?
    A Short Film is cinematic in nature. Duration depends on the package chose, but they all feature a summary of the most beautiful, important and touching moments of your wedding day. I film very candid, so there's many romantics, smiles, hugs and voice-overs that perfectly showcase the love and happiness that was your wedding day. The Full Wedding Film, on the other hand, is a full film of the whole ceremony and reception formalities; with a little added cinematic montages to paint a better picture of the day. It features multi-camera cuts, so you can see moments you missed or those you loved. It is a great video to remember the whole wedding day on your anniversary and perfect for family and friends that wanted to be there but couldn't. :) The Social Media Highlight Film is like the Short Film but shorter to comply with upload limits on IG, FB, YT and TikTok stories. It's around 90-120 seconds in length and is filled with your love, your vows and all the amazing dancing during the day. It is designed to hype people up and make them super happy about you tying the knot! :D No matter which one you choose, your film will allow you to relive those amazing moments and memories you made with your friends, family and, of course, your partner! <3
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes! We’re happy to send a copy of our certificate of liability insurance (COI) to your venue or coordinator/planner upon request.
  • How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?
    Once you know your wedding date, we recommend reaching out as soon as possible about our availability. We film a limited number of weddings every year to ensure our couples receive the highest quality service, so our calendar typically fills up months in advance. This is particularly true if you're interested in our photography + videography packages. Our photographers are in even higher demand and tend to get booked way in advance.
  • How much is the deposit, when is payment due?
    A retainer of just 33% is due at contract signing to secure your date! You can also opt for a monthly plan to help with the initial costs instead. Final payment should be no later than 1 month before the wedding date. :)
  • How do you ensure the audio quality during the ceremony & speeches?
    We take great care to make sure you get crisp audio throughout your wedding day. During the ceremony, we will have lapel mics on the officiant and on the couple. We also ask for permission from the DJ to plug into their soundboard so we can get everything that happens, including music. During the reception, we also ask for permission from the DJ to plug back into their board to get all the songs played, plus the audio from the speeches. To make sure we don't miss anything, we also place an extra backup microphone on the DJ mic to make sure we have a backup track.
  • How do you protect our footage/photos/investment?
    Your memories are precious, they won't happen again. So I take the utmost care in protecting them. I back up my footage a total of 3-4 times. I do a couple of physical long-term backups on hard drives, I have one copy with my laptop at all times (my currently-working copy) and I do an online cloud-backup. That way no matter what happens to my house, my storage or my laptop, there will always be a copy safe for you. I aim to keep the footage for as long as I can, however as a rule of thumb, once I have delivered your films and/or RAW footage, I can't promise any footage to be preserved past 7 years. It's just the nature of the possibility of any hard drive failing long term or cloud backups becoming too expensive. But rest assured, I will contact you if it comes to that and will give you time to get the footage again if you need it. So far after 8 years doing this, I still have every wedding I've ever filmed or photographed. :)
  • How do you handle working different cultural or religious ceremonies?
    We've worked with many beautiful couples from many different backgrounds and religions. Indian, Mexican, Catholic, Orthodox, Greek, LGTBQ+, among others. Your religion and culture is beautiful and something to be captured and remembered. As always, our goal is to preserve your memories and we will do our best to learn about your culture and religion to better execute our job to document the day's events.
  • Are you open to our ideas and preferences for the video?
    We love to tailor our videos to our couples, we shoot very candidly and do minimal posing. So we do have a style we prefer, however, we love to incorporate your vision and ideas into the final video. We can not guarantee a particular idea and we always have a chat before we book your date to make sure we can make your vision a reality. It IS your wedding video after all, we feel like you should have some say into how it looks.
  • Do you offer drone footage, live streaming, or other add-ons?
    Drone & professional audio capture is complimentary! We don't believe you should be charged for it. That's just our view on it. Professional live-stream is an add-on you can take advantage of as well! We offer great add-ons depending on the package you end up choosing :)
  • How long does it typically take to receive the final edited video?
    We know you are super excited to re-live your magical day over and over again or share it with family and friends! It is of utmost importance to us that you receive a beautiful film that highlights your love and documents your beautiful day as incredible as it was. Therefore, we aim to deliver your final videos within about 3 months, however, depending on the complexities of the day or if wedding season is particularly busy, it might take slightly longer. Rest assured we take the time we need to make sure you receive a stunning film, while being as efficient as possible.
  • Are there any additional or hidden costs we should be aware of?
    No hidden fees, we are pretty upfront regarding our pricing! AND we do not charge travel fees within California. Regarding additional fees: Destination Travel fees - we love to travel to make sure your beautiful wedding memories are preserved. Thus, we only charge travel fees (airfare/driving). We'll take care of our accommodations :)
  • Why are your prices relatively inexpensive (compared to others)?
    I actually get this question alot (or get ghosted because of this reason), and I believe in full transparency, so I don't mind being honest about it. The answer is very simple: to me, filming people's memories have a personal value. While I have to keep the business running and make at least some form of profit, I also keep in mind that couples want their wedding memories preserved for the future while trying to stay in a budget. Thus, my pricing reflects what I believe is a good marriage of the quality I offer, the experience, my professionalism and my desire to help couples out, while staying on a decent budget. Money isn't everything and to me, filming and preserving your memories is priceless. Having lost most of my grandparents and my dad, knowing I won't have those memories at my wedding, has made me want to make sure my couples and friends get to have their films. So they (and their family) can always hear and watch loved ones and how full of love their day was. I understand some couples will pass on me because of the lower pricing. However I am happy knowing I can help my couples out by ensuring they get videos of the people they love, of each other and of a day that they spent so much effort, money, stress and time on, so they can look back on it and enjoy it again and again. Their investment will keep on giving many years and for many generations.

Q: Is video that important?

         A: You can guess the answer, DEFINITELY!
Video has the great capability of allowing you to relive moments. You can hear loved ones again, you can see people's emotions again. 
Not only that but since you are focusing on getting ready and walking down the isle, you can also now see things you missed. The tears, the laughs, the cheering. It's both reliving your wedding but also seeing a new side of it; the side you missed.

I've lost my dad and my grandparents and one of the biggest regrets I've had is that I didn't have enough video moments of them. I've had couples that have lost loved ones reach out to express how thankful they've been of having clips of them at their wedding. Their dances together, their toasts t
o their happiness, their hugs, their voice.
This, to me, is the most powerful aspect of videography.

There are memories that are meant to be unforgettable.

Those are the ones we capture.

Image by Foto Pettine

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"Truly happy memories always live on, shinning. Over time, one by one, they come back to life"

-Banana Yoshimoto

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